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The Social identity of Marjane in the novel Persepolis - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 559 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/07/03 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Persepolis Essay Did you like this example? The Social identity of Marjane in the novel Persepolis is primarily a construct of outside influences. She is growing up in a chaotic environment that most people would run away from. However, her father and uncle seek out danger and answers and this seeps into her characteristics. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Social identity of Marjane in the novel Persepolis" essay for you Create order She notices many differences between her and others in her community, primarily to do with social class and religion. These factors develop pieces of the person that is Marjane Satrapi. Marjis father is as photographer who often finds himself in dangerous situations. Uncle Anoosh is an extremely powerful rebellious role model for Marji. He helped Azerbaijan declare its independence and he himself is a revolutionary who escaped for the Soviet Union. The combination of these influences along with the desperate times that she is born into create a stew of rebellion that defines Marjis personality. In Iran during the revolution the country is very split on religion, but the religious people in the story are extremely sety on everyone being religious. From a very young age they are taught to wear the veil, an Islamic article of clothing usually a black cloth covering the whole body except the face. Later in the book, Marji had established her rebellious attitude and acquired an attire to fit her new found punk attitude. The Guardians of The Revolution (a group of religious women tasked with prosecuting anyone who is not wearing the veil) see her on the street with her sneakers, jean jacket, and Michael Jackson pin the request that she come with them in the car to the station. In fear of interrogation and possible torture, Marji decides to lie and say that her attire was for basketball and that her cruel stepmom with kill her if she is late. This disregard of the veil states that she is distancing herself from religion and that her rebellious attitude is growing. Marjis family is on the upper class of the socio economic spectrum. When her maid is evidently in love with the boy next door and she is unable to be with him, she makes a stark realization that this is because her maid is not as wealthy as he. And due to that simple fact love is prohibited from coming into reality. There is also a recurring theme of death and tragedy throughout her childhood. You may want to avoid getting too connected to any character and im sure this is how she herself felt at the time. I would describe Majrane as a very strong individual, simply because i think that any of us could hardly imagine growing and living the way that she did. Marjanes social identity is influenced by outside factors such as people and her environment. Her brave dad, rebellious uncle, and the Iranian Revolution that they all were exposed to caused her to grow the way that she did. Her socioeconomic status simply allowed her to grow into her own interests where other may not have had the means. At such a young age at the beginning of the novel, Marji would have seen everything through a sugar coated lense. Not fully understanding what was afoot, and taking what her parents said to be the truth. Theses influences as well as many people around her experiencing tragedy, caused her to grow up a strong and independent member of society.

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Ancient Gilding Methods and Their Chemical Structure Essay

Introduction: The article seeks to inform the reader not only about ancient gilding methods, but also about their chemical structures. The article does this by examining gilded artifacts from each gilding methodology and studying the components in the metal. The article also attempts to explain how the chemical structures in the object came about, using technology and analysis. Main points of article: The first paragraph sets out to explain ancient gilding and why it occurred, as well as go over what the article will discuss. The brief history behind analyzing chemical compositions Talks about methodologies and breakthroughs in finding chemical composition for gilding The is paragraph explains the reasoning behind gilding and†¦show more content†¦I enjoyed learning the methodology used in each â€Å"age† and how they got more and more complex as time went on. I was also impressed with how the article went in-depth on the chemical properties of each method. Questions raised: What is the exact technology used to examine the objects in the article? Why did they choose the artifacts in the article specifically? How were they able to figure out the gilding methods? Vocabulary list: 1. photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)- measuring the chemical composition of an object by the energy of electrons freed from the surface by a laser. (Merriam Webster) 2. secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) -A machine uses primary ions to push the ions in the object to the surface so they can be examined (Fraunhofer-Center Nanoelectronic Technologies) 3. optical emission spectrometry (GDOES)- a machine that uses emissions to examine the surface of an object. (Analyses and Surfaces) 4. scanning electron microscopy (SEM)- using an electron microscope with beaming electrons. (Merriam Webster) 5. Raman spectroscopy- a technique used by spectroscopy machines that observes low frequencies in a system/object. (University of Cambridge) 6. amalgam-a mixture or blend (Merriam Webster) 7. porosity- the property of being porous; being able to absorb fluids.(Princeton Word Net) 8. morphology- a study of structure or form (Merriam Webster) 9.atacamite-an oxychloride of copper, chemical product.(Free Dictionary) 10. patina- aShow MoreRelatedAlloy: Iron and Steel3647 Words   |  15 Pagescause an alloy to form, called  atom exchange  and the  interstitial mechanism. The relative size of each atom in the mix plays a primary role in determining which mechanism will occur. When the atoms are relatively similar in size, the atom exchange method usually happens, where some of the atoms composing the metallic crystals are replaced with atoms of the other constituent. With the interstitial mechanism, one atom is usually much smaller than the other, and so cannot successfully replace an atomRead MoreIn Plant Training Report on Textile Industry10085 Words   |  41 Pagessignificant contributor to many national economies, encompassing both small and large-scale operations worldwide. Subdivision of the textile industry into its various components can be approached from several angles. According to reference, the classical method of categorizing the industry involves grouping the manufacturing plants according to the fibre being processed, that is, cotton, wool, or synthetics. The modern approach to textile industry categorization, however, involves grouping the manufacturing

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Characteristics of Sociology Social Issues

Characteristics of Sociology Social Issues As per a recent study a majority Jews dwelling in Germany are worried about a growth in antisemitism. The gain in mass shootings throughout the USA has brought the matter of gun control into the spotlight as a social matter. Besides teen pregnancy, there are a huge number of important identified social issues in the USA today. It has turned into a social issue due to its increased domestic prevalence within the United States of america. Sociologists who study the building of social problems are interested in more than just the character of a problem and the harm that it might cause. Cultural assimilation doesn't guarantee social alikeness. A lot of studies support conclusions on either side of the problem, and, since funding gets scarce, the debate will intensify. Understand and explain the methods by which structural aspects like age, class, race and gender are associated with social troubles and issues. The Basic Facts of Soci ology Social Issues In years past your high school senior could graduate and go work at the neighborhood factory for the remainder of her or his life and create a great living. It is vital that children are conscious of these topics so they are in a place to understand the way their body works and are living in excellent harmony by using their entire body and soul. Coping with the many expectations of the society, including scoring well in college examinations, holding work, obtaining a decent social life and so on makes life tough for youngsters since they face the issue of time administration. Hence, life of a youngster may appear to be utterly spotless, but dig in the surface and you'll learn almost every individual has something or the other to be concerned about. You won't need to be worried about a thing because we exist to aid you out. Google has many exceptional characteristics to help you to find just what you're searching for. You're building an image of a social issue, and you will need to bring up every potential side of the story. When it may enhance their social life, it is exceedingly detrimental to their academic life and the majority of them may wind up failing. If only a few individuals are speaking out against it, then it isn't a social matter. Of these things, some are grouped among social justice problems that were experienced over years in the united states. It is not surprising that the problem has come to be a lot more visible in urban locations and over half of all homeless individuals reside in one of the nation's 50 largest cities. That global culture'' can be regarded as a portion of assimilation, which causes cultures from various regions to affect one another. Issues like homosexuality create a difference in how people react in society. Kantian ethics which is based upon the teachings of the philosopher Immanuel Kant implies that the notion of motive is the most crucial facet of verifying what's ethical. Describe the key theoretical perspectives utilized by sociologists in approaching social issues. The Hidden Truth on Sociology Social Issues When picking your social problems topic, try to remember that it's always much better to write about something you're already more or less acquainted with. Topics that are not stated explicitly are as essential as those that are stated outright. It is wise to pick a topic you can easily research on. Sadly, this taboo topic is extremely important to discuss. Utilize whatever you know to reveal your comprehension of the planet, and bring out good old philosophical theories. Yes, it's a totally different experience. It is very important to understand that not all things that take place in society are raised to the degree of social issues. Last, the way to solve the challenge had to require important innovation. The New Fuss About Sociology Social Issues Hate crimes are a developing issue especially in school settings due to the young populations which exist. The major needs to be selected at enrolment. India has a sizable migrant population. The Supreme Strategy to Sociology Social Issues In order to reduce costs and keep product prices down companies are made to outsource manufacturing to other nations. There are an assortment of methods people use to combat social troubles. In reality, the competition to receive a promotion can be fierce. Extreme advertising has produced a sort of brand loyalty where some individuals are coaxed into buying specific products dependent on the frequency of the adverts. The Little-Known Secrets to Sociology Social Issues Society must deal with the underlying issues which make children carry weapons. As a consequence, social issues can be raised by the unequal distribution of funding between public schools, including that seen in the United States of america. The social justice issues can be classified beneath a list of social policy difficulties and social awareness difficulties. Social issues within this lesson is going to be defined as a health issue that every patient is going to have to evaluate based on their values, beliefs, and distinctive circumstance.

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Operation of the Migration Act

Question: Discuss about the Operation of the Migration Act. Answer: In the provided scenario there can be notice that Wang wished to go to Australia. However, the fact that his English was weak was an issue in this scenario. In this context it is mentionable that according to Migration Amendment Act 2013 Subclass 457 visa conditions there are number of English language requirements that are required to be mentioned. Since 18 April 2015 the English language requirements for the 457 visa have been changed and made operative. The English language requirements includes for 457 visa includes the following English test which includes International Language Testing System [IELTS], Occupational English Test [OET], TOEFL iBT, Pearson Test of English (Academic) PTE, and Cambridge English: Advanced CAE [1]. It needs to be mentioned here that since the amendment of the English language requirements, for requirement is an average band score for the maximum tests, along with it, each component requires minimum band score. In order to apply 457 visa applications th e validity of these tests are 3 years, which, after the lodgment of the application can be conducted. In order to qualify in English language test for 457 visa, Wang needs to achieve 4.5 as the minimum score in every band along with an overall average score of 5 in International Language Testing System [IELTS]. In case of Occupational English Test [OET], for all four OET components A B pass is required[2]. However it is not applicable in case of Wang as it is a test for medical professionals and associated health professionals, where as he is a hotel chef. In case of TOEFL iBT he is required to achieve 36 as the total brand score including 12 as the minimum score in speaking and writing and 3 in Listening and Reading. Pearson Test of English (Academic) PTE is also not applicable for Wang as it is for academic purpose, the requirement for this test is 36 as the average band score along with it requires a minimum of 30 in each brand[3]. Whereas the requirement for Cambridge English: Advanced CAE is 154 as the average brand score along with minimum 147 in each band. Though all the applicants for 457 visas are required to meet the requirement of English language Testing, however there exists few exemptions that are required to be mentioned. On the part of the applicant, if the individual holds a passport from Ireland, USA, Canada, UK or New Zealand or if the applicant has the educational background for 5 years at tertiary or secondary in English medium or if the applicant pays over the English Language Skills Exemption Threshold (ELSET) that is $96,400, exemptions are applicable. According to Migration Act 1958 [amended 2013] Subsection 457 there are certain requirements that are required to be fulfilled on the part of the employer in order to apply for a worker to come to Australia which includes approval as a sponsor on the part of the employer, operation of an Australian business which functions within Australia or an overseas business in order to engage overseas employees with the intention for setting up a company within Australia [4]. It also requires on the part of the employers to demonstrate commitment in terms of employing regional labor and accept non-discriminatory employment functionalities. Under this legislation it is crucial to not have any adverse records associated with the business or any individual associated with the business. Migration Act 1958 [amended 2013] Subsection 457 also requires on the part of the employers to demonstrate commitment in meeting requirements of Australia in terms of providing training to Australian workers. In this regard it can be stated that as Jimmy Tran was having a business in Melbourne, and the provided case do not mention any adverse records implies that Migration Act 1958 [amended 2014]Subsection 457 requirements would not have been breached if the employer would have entered the contract[5]. Similarly on the part of the employee under the act is required to be sponsored by an eligible employer, possess skills and qualifications as par the requirements of the position, display English language proficiency and having the eligibility for any appropriate licenses required for the position. In this regard it can be stated that though he was sponsored by an eligible sponsor yet he was not having English language proficiency, hence if he enters a contract it would have resulted in breaching Migration Act 1958 [amended 2013] Subsection 457. It is also required to be mentioned here that, a noticeable dimension of the scenario is condition in the contract exchange of $ 30000 for the spon sored work. According to reg. 2.87 of Migration Act 1958 [amended 2013] Subsection 457 it has been stated that on the part of the sponsor it is prohibited to recover certain costs in return of the sponsored works [6]. This would also result in breaching Migration Act 1958 [amended 2013] Subsection 457 if they enter the contract. If they enter the contract, as already stated, it would result in breaching the Migration Act 1958 [amended 2013] Subsection 457. The penalty for the breach, under the act on the part of the employer would be civil penalty which includes 60 penalty units along with pecuniary penalty for breaching sponsors obligations [7] The breach of the obligations under the act, as mentioned would impose civil penalties which prescribes a minimum of $ 6600 in case of an individual, which in case of a body of corporation would be $33000. Under skilled visa if Ada applies for migration to Australia there are certain requirements that are required to be fulfilled. Age is one of the crucial requirements that are required to be fulfilled, which requires the individual to be 50 at the time of application. Another essential requirement in this aspect is English language which requires an individual to have adequate ability in terms of English language, so that the individual can work in Australia. At the time of application nomination of a skilled occupation is also required on the basis of the skills and qualifications under skilled visa. Skills assessment also plays a vital role in this aspect. Prior the application of skilled visa, the applicant i.e. Ada is required to have an assessment of the skills by the Australian assessing authority that is designed to assess the nominated occupation [8]. It generally includes specific qualifications requirements. Health assessment is also a vital point in this regard that require s the applicant to have reasonably good health assessments done by a panel of a doctor and undertake a medical examination [9]. Character assessment is also included in skilled visa requirements, which necessitate the applicant to be of good character which also requires to be assessed. Other than that it is also required to be mentioned here that, as Ada is applying for skilled visa, she needs to undergo Occupational English Test [OET], in which she is required to attain in all four OET components A B pass. According to Registered Nurse (Paediatrics) Australia, when under Registered Nurse (Paediatrics) Australia an individual practices a particular profession, in compliance with the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) 2544-25, then the individual is presently in demand on the part of the employers in Australia. It also needs to be mentioned here that, the compliance of the ANZSCO code 2544-25 for Registered Nurse (Paediatrics) in the present occupation of the applicant would result in increased scope of qualification for skilled visa [10]. Assessing authorities are accountable for performing assessments of the skills for the purpose of migration. It also needs to be mentioned here that, they do not have the authority for giving advice on the probability of the success of visa application. On the part of the applicant they are required to contact assessing authorities in order to obtain skills assessment of the applicants nominated occupation. In terms of assessment, it is noticeable that every assessing authority has their individualistic assessment timeframes, procedures and charges. In regards to protection of health and safety of the Australian community, Australian Nursing Midwifery Accreditation Council [ANMAC] plays an integral role with the help of establishment of high nursing quality standards and training, midwifery education and assessment [11]. In terms of assessment of the nurses skills and midwives who intent to migrate to Australia in accordance to General Skilled Migration program Skilled Migration Ser vices of ANMAC plays integral role and is responsible for it. In case of most of the occupations under evidences of Migration Act 1958 [amended 2013] Subsection 457, having English language proficiency is vital [12]. In this context, among the number of English language proficiency test International Language Testing System [IELTS] is a mentionable examination that applicants need to appear. In the context of the provided scenario, it can be noticed that Ada applied for IELTS, where she obtained in all the four components 6.0. Hence, in this the points for English Language Ability Points are required to be mentioned. In English Language Ability, in terms of Superior English, the applicant is required to score 8 or above in IELTS in each of the four components of the test where the points would be 20. The required points for proficient English is 10, where the applicant needs to have a score of 7 or above in the IELTS in all the four test components. The points would be zero if the applicant is competent in English, where the applicant needs to have a score of 6 or more, in all the four test components, in IELTS. Hence it can be stated that, in terms of English Language Ability points as Ada scored 0, under Migration Act 1958 [amended 2013] Subsection 457 her application for the visa would not be affective she failed to qualify in the IELTS. As Adas sister who had Australian citizenship residing in Wantirna, was willing to sponsor her, under Australian State Sponsored Visa: Skilled Nominated (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489) she needs to score a minimum of 60 score on the points test . In the context of the provided case, it can be noticed that Ada is in a married relationship with David, her husband. On the basis of their relationship status, Australian Partner Visa under, Partner (Provisional) visa (subclass 309) and (subclass100) can be applied [13]. However, in order to obtain Australian Partner Visa one of the, partner needs to have Australian citizenship, which Ada was not having. It is further mentionable here that Australian sponsor is also required for a Partner Visa. This makes it essential for Ada for obtain citizenship of Australia in order to apply for Partner Visa and sponsor David [14]. After attaining citizenship, she would be required to provide a written statement where it would be guaranteed that she would support her partner for first two years in Australia that would consist of financial assistance in order to meet living reasonable requirements and accommodation. Since 1st January 2015 the application charge required for onshore partner visa is $ 4,575, which is supposed to increase to $6,865. However, as David would be her offshore partner once she gets the citizenship the payable fees required to be paid by Ada is $4630. As Adas son Albert is 10 years, so if she gets Australian citizenship, then by sponsoring her son, under Migration Act 1958 [amended 2013] Subsection 445 visa category under dependent child type can be applied [15]. The additional applicant charge for children under 18 years required to be paid by Ada is 595 AUD. References 457 English Requirement | Acacia | Immigration Australia(2015) Australia Skilled Visa Requirements: Australian Visa Bureau(2016) Australian Nursing Midwifery Accreditation Council | ANMAC(2016) Berg, Laurie,Migrant Rights At Work(2015) Conroy, Kathleen,Subclass 457 Visas: Employer Obligations(2016) Crossin, Patricia,Administration And Operation Of The Migration Act 1958(Legal and Constitutional References Committee, 2006) English Language Requirement For Subclass 457 Visa | My Access Australia(2016) Federal Register Of Legislation - Australian Government(2016) Fiancee Visa - Partner Visas - Australian Visa Bureau(2016) Jockel, Maria,457 Visa Law(Thomson Reuters, 2008) MIGRATION ACT 1958(2015) Migration Amendment (Temporary Sponsored Visas) Act 2013(2015) Partner (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 309) And Partner (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 100)(2015) Registered Nurse (Paediatrics) Australia(2016) Sorrenson, Monica,IELTS(McGraw-Hill, 2012).

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Guns In America Essays (1309 words) - Firearms, Gun Politics

Guns In America GUNS IN AMERICA Dan Collins English 2/27/00 Today in America, gun control is a very serious issue. There are different opinions on this issue, the National Rifle Association (NRA), feels that guns are safe when used for protection by responsible citizens, others feel that guns are far to dangerous to be kept in homes, and that guns should not be owned by anyone, only used by the National Guard and law enforcement. These people think their opinions are correct according to the second amendment, the amendment that deals with the bearing of arms by citizens of America, but there have been different interpretations of it. The reason that people feel gun ownership is such a problem is that so many people lose their lives by them each year. Personally, I feel that guns lead to increases in crime, murder, and household accidents. By reducing availability of guns and providing education on gun safety, I think that these things will help make America safer. Before making up my mind on what I felt about the issue, I made sure to conside r the opinions of others and to collect statistics. People from the (NRA), who are against gun control, feel that the people are responsible for the negative effects guns have on America. Helen Smith, a forensic psychologist who shares the ideas of the NRA, wrote an article titled ?It's Not The Guns?. In this article, she talks about the increase in school and youth violence, relating to guns. She blames the children and irresponsible parents. She denies that guns are easier for kids to get today which is understandable because many people keep their guns locked up. Dr. Gary Kleck, a criminologist at Florida State University, defends guns in gun related accidents. He conducted a survey, which showed that there are fewer gun related accidents than there are automobile accidents, falls, drowning, pedestrian, fire, poisoning, and suffocation. As a result of his survey, he said ?Subsequently politicians demand mandatory safety classes for all gun owners, yet many more lives could be saved by randomly selecting and educating a group of dri vers rather than gun owners, not to mention the populace at large regarding, administering first-aid, how to eat, and basic common sense safety habits.? Although these people do have good points, I cannot say that I agree with everything they state. For one thing, it is true that the people are responsible for how they use guns but not true to say that guns are not part of the problem. You cannot just get rid of people who are incapable of knowing how to treat guns correctly, but you can take away guns, so that these problems and accidents will not occur at all. In response to Dr. Kleck's survey, I would like to say that although firearms may not be the largest cause of accidents per year, but they do cause too many needless deaths, so something should be done about them. Nine hundred deaths a year may not seem like a lot of deaths to some people, but I assume it would if their child or someone they knew were one of those people. That is what everyone needs to consider. Regarding the fact that Dr. Kleck thinks that more lives would be saved by giving random drivers safety lessons and teach the average citizen common sense, I'd have t o say that common sense does not have much to do with the accidents on his survey. I am sure he has tripped and fallen or choked on his food before at least once. I have, does that mean I lack common sense? I also disagree with some of the points Helen Smith made in her article. I do think she is right that the children who would use guns on fellow students have mental issues that separate them from the average child. But, again saying that guns are not part of that problem is something I would beg to differ. If the Columbine students did not have access to assault weapons such as a Tech 9 and a shotgun, I doubt the outcome would have been the same. Because these two students had these guns, several other students were killed for no reason.

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Change, Creativity, and Innovation

Change, Creativity, and Innovation Reflective Observation There is no need to elaborate the fact that our community and our county is in dire need of creative people. Creative individuals are sources of innovation and creative solutions that can enhance our way of life. Without them culture and society will stagnate and the world will be overwhelmed with problems and unable to solve new challenges that crops up everyday.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Change, Creativity, and Innovation specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More There is a need to be creative but it starts with the individual. I must aspire to be creative and to see things differently. I need to train myself to think outside-the-box. The readings, especially the book by Dawson and Andriopoulos was a tremendous help in this regard. Creativity is closely related to change and innovation. Creative people are not bound by the status quo. This is not an easy thing to do. There is the risk of being alienated if an action or word spoken will offend another person, especially if that person has power and influence. In a corporate setting there is a tendency to follow policies set by those who are unwilling to adapt and to experiment. Creative people are wary of the limitations set by others and at the same time they too feel the pressure. It is a balancing act. It is not practical to always go against those who are in power, especially if that person is your boss. However, men and women and children of the 21st century would probably be still living in caves today if not for change agents. Abstract Generalization One of the most intriguing and interesting component of organization change has something to do with speed and scale of change. I believe that this is an important topic that I need to familiarise myself with. An example of is the concept called first-order incremental change which is another way of saying that change must be a slow and adaptive – the objective i s to refine a business process rather than to radically alter something that has been proven effective (Dawson Andriopoulos, p.15). As the wise saying goes there is no need to fix something that is not broken. On the other hand there is a continuous need to innovate. While it is a helpful strategy to incorporate first-order incremental change in the creation of business strategies that will increase the overall efficiency of the organization, there will also come a time when it is no longer enough to fine-tune current business processes. When your competitors are doing something unexpected and utilize newer technology it is also time to adapt or perish. It is time to think about the next level of change called second-order discontinuous change (Dawson Andriopoulos, p.15). This time around change is not expected to occur piecemeal but it is so significant that it can even transform the way the company is doing business.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The second-order discontinuous change rarely happens because in my opinion human beings are creatures of habit. This is especially true when it comes to old organizations and successful businesses that have made a mark in the community or society. Their products are well-known and the corporate leaders have tasted what it was like to be on top. For these people and for these organisations it is almost impossible to abandon what has been a proven money-maker. However, the leaders, especially those who will inherit the company will have to think long and hard and consider underlying issues such as sustainability and long-term profitability. More importantly an old organisation that could not adapt to a changing environment will soon fade away. Application There is a need to find out how open I am to change. I need to know if I am conscious of the fact that change is inevitable and I had to deal with it in a constructive way. It does not matter if I am not willing to adapt because others around me are willing to improve their game, enhance their skills, and transform their mindsets in order to compete at the highest level. This new understanding of change will help in not only assessing my career path but also in terms of challenging myself to reach higher goals. One way to find out is to look for like-minded people. This person can be a mentor, a teacher or someone who is an expert in the field of management. This person can also be a colleague who is also interested in studying change in both the corporate or individual level. This person will help me look for areas in my life that I can improve. I will have to interact with this person to find out if I am willing to change for the better. Another way to go about it is to study the lives of innovators, inventors, mavericks and people who had a vision of the future and persisted no matter the ridicule and the discouragemen t that they received from people all around them. Their lives will be an inspiration to never stop growing, never stop learning, and never stop reaching for goals no matter how high and no matter how implausible they may seem at present. Innovators and inventors are not merely stubborn individuals – they tend to work hard. Their goal is mastery of their craft. And more importantly their activities were geared toward one thing and it is to discover a solution for a particular problem that is making life difficult for many. The breakthrough or the solution will radically alter the way people live.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Change, Creativity, and Innovation specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Creative Economy Reflective Observation There is nothing that is as inevitable as change. Nevertheless, many were caught off-guard by the sudden and radical change that occurred in the business world because of the int roduction of the personal computer and the Internet. The personal computer made it possible for an employee and an entrepreneur to accomplish a lot of things at less the time. Before that clerical work was done manually. Accountants for instance had to laboriously write down a great deal of information using nothing but paper and pen. It there was a need for a copy then they had to do it over again. The combined effect of the computer and the Internet is just an example that change is good and the same time change must be managed, meaning leaders must react to it correctly. Those who did not adapt fall by the wayside. I wonder what happened to the company that manufactured typewriters. The question lingers in my mind, I want to know how a group of individuals, a community and even a nation can be transformed from an ordinary consumer society into a creative economy. How can it be done in such a purposive manner? What are the conditions that must exist before a creative economy can b e developed? I am interested to know the answer to these questions because I believe that in the future the impact of creative economies will be felt all over the world. At this point, only the rich countries in the Western world are fully aware of the importance of creative economies but in the near future its importance will be greatly magnified. Abstract Generalization There are two ideas in this section that really grabbed my attention. The first one is the research findings highlighted by the authors that there are several highly-industrialised and affluent countries that pride themselves on being â€Å"creative economies† (Dawson Andriopoulos, p. 76). It is one thing to train an individual to be creative it is quite another to develop a whole nation to think creatively and to use the by-product of that creative process to strengthen the economy of that said country. This is an entirely new thing for me. I used to believe that the economy of a particular country is base d on resources – both natural and human. I was not able to figure out that there is a vast reservoir of creativity within the human resources department that is yet untapped. Most companies train their people to do a particular task. It is actually a very routine task such as those working in the factory floor.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Even those doing sales and administrative functions are seldom encouraged to be creative. In the first few weeks of employment everyone has to undergo a training program and the end result of that training program is to produce employees that are programmed to think by the book. In other words they must not deviate from corporate policy and they should memorise their manuals. Every possibility has been analyzed with regards to the company’s product or services that the employee simply had to refer to their manuals if there are problems and more often than not they can find the answer to their query in there. But as the authors were quick to point out the advent of the Information and Digital Age has created a host of new products and services that are oftentimes interrelated. For example the mobile phone can now access the Internet and it can be used for m-commerce or mobile commerce – shopping using the phone whenever and wherever the customer feels like purchasing a product or service. Application I would like to become part of a discussion or a group that will promote the development of my community into a mini-version of a â€Å"creative economy.† I can start this initiative by talking to the local entrepreneurs and try to interest them in thinking about creative solutions for the community. In order for them to buy into this idea, I have to make them understand that they can make money by helping the community and they can start by solving some of the basic problems that our community is facing. We can jumpstart this process by creating awareness that there are entrepreneurs willing to finance small business ventures that will hit two birds with one stone. This means that the business model that they will create will be a money-making venture but at the same time solving the community’s problems. A good way to start is to create business models that will help in promoting a sustainable environment that is conducive for doing bu siness. For instance a local entrepreneur can finance the establishment of a sidewalk vendo-machine type of equipment that will collect empty bottles, beer cans etc. A local business can also partner with the local high school and provide cash incentives to high school seniors who can develop a solution to environmental problems faced by the community. This initiative is not merely a copycat of projects that has been proven to be effective in other cities. This initiative is based on the idea given by the authors when they said that: â€Å"Creativity is based on combining disparate sources of information and transforming the raw data into valuable insights† (Dawson Andriopoulos, p. 78). A steady stream of disparate information will come from the initiatives mentioned and it is up to the community and the businesspeople in the community to use these data to solve problems. Deliberate Creativity Reflective Observation Creativity must be and can only be deliberate. It does not happen to the lazy and to the unprepared. Creative minds are honed by years of practice and experimentation. I can just imagine the Wright brothers who dreamt of flying and the way they pursued their dream by doing countless experiments. Numerous times they failed but they also succeeded and the world was never the same. Although no one can really predict if his work or struggle will amount to something significant, it can also be said that no inventor, innovator or revolutionary succeeded without first taking one deliberate step towards a particular goal. I believe that change agents are not simply interested in studying change. They want to be innovators. They want to be part of the solution. They want to make a contribution and they want to have the opportunity to solve a nagging problem that is causing a great deal of discomfort and grief to many people. Creativity must be deliberate. There is no need to emphasise the need for learning and preparation. There is no need to elabor ate on planning and doing the necessary steps to acquire information and to learn new skills. It is also important to learn team work. Creativity is sometimes only possible through synergy the convergence of talents and experiences. A team can accomplish more. Creativity is deliberate process and this simply means that I must do whatever it takes to solve a problem and help others improve their way of life. Abstract Generalization There are two things in this chapter that inspires me and challenges me. It is an inspiration to know that every technological breakthrough and every novel solution to a problem was made possible by a creative individual. It is indeed an example worth emulating. On the other hand it is a challenge for me – sometime it is even a reproach – knowing that I am simply a consumer of these bright ideas and I had never contributed anything. The authors were able to send their message that each person is a creative individual. The ability to create so lutions and to find ways to improve human existence is not a capability reserved only for those with high-level I.Q. it can also be done by ordinary folks like me. But the most important thing to remember is that creativity is a deliberate process. It means that the person must be always conscious of increasing his capacity to make sense of information that he or she has gathered. We always hear the suggestion that creative solutions were by-products of inspiration just like when a scientist took a stroll suddenly without warning able to see in his mind the solution to an ancient problem. What I realized from reading this chapter is that these people were creative because they made sure that they will use their minds to generate insights. They are not merely consumers of information and passive participants they were active in the pursuit not only of knowledge but the creative way of using this knowledge. The most important thing to remember is this: â€Å"A creative mind must be a ble to deal with complexity, discriminate options and to be open to new ideas and not constrained by habit† (Dawson Andriopoulos, p. 110). This statement reveals two things, first, creativity does not happen out of the blue, the person aspiring to be creative must train himself to think and behave in such manner that he or she can develop creative solutions. Secondly, the number one obstacle to creativity is complacency, conformity, and habit. Application I need to study more with regards to the creative process, creative minds, and creative individuals. What intrigues me the most is the assertion that creative minds are able to see through the complexity, meaning they are not overwhelmed by the sudden influx of information coming from different media streams. This is a helpful trait in the 21st century where people can easily access information from various sources. I need to determine what kind of mental exercise or preparation is needed to train the mind to think beyond th e ordinary. I need to find out how to break free from habits that easily tempts the mind not to seek out innovative solutions. There is truth to the saying that if it is not broken, then do not fix it; but sometimes you just have to go beyond the obvious. Another element that has to be added to the discussion regarding the deliberate nature of innovation and change is the word focus. It is important to understand that men and women who changed the world did not do so by doing different things at the same time. They were focused on doing what they believe is essential and the things that they needed to accomplish to bring them closer to their goals. In order to maintain focus it help if I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses. It would greatly improve my chances of success if I know of the areas in my life that I can improve and strengthen in order to produce a skill or a quality that will allow me to solve problems or bring me to places and meet people that in turn can help me inc rease my knowledge and my propensity to develop creative solutions. Dawson, Patrick Constantine Andriopoulos. Managing Change, Creativity and Innovation. London: Sage Publications, 2009.

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Paths out of homelessness in chicago Research Proposal

Paths out of homelessness in chicago - Research Proposal Example However, there are several issues that shall be faced while reaching to the desired state and respective goals and objectives must be attained in order to tackle these issues effectively. Chicago needs a steadfast plan of action to eliminate homelessness to minimum acceptable levels, deciding on objectives to be achieved, steps to be taken, who shall take the initiative and what population must be targeted in priority. Chicago’s environment Internal Causes Internal Effects External Causes External Effects Severe levels of addiction to alcohol and drugs Affected mental stability and health of the homeless Fall in individuals’ income levels and unemployment in Chicago Homelessness consumes national funding and increases residents’ taxes Social and sexual abuse for children and lack of parental guidance Behavioral problems especially in children Adverse local housing market conditions making it unaffordable for Chicago masses Homeless people engage in criminal activ ities thereby harming others Family frictions eventually causing parents to turn children out of home Loss of community connectedness and social life Racial, status, social and other demographic differences between Chicago residents Cleanliness cannot be ensured causing health and hygiene related issues in Chicago (Fertig and Reingold, 2007) SWOT Analysis Strengths: Availability of surplus community resources adequate to cater the homeless in Chicago; presence of performance management systems with authorities of the Chicago government to collect information about homeless, measure statistics and prioritize people in order of need for aid; and strong relations and ties with outside countries and other American states shall enable it to bring in foreign aid support for the homeless in crucial times of need. Weaknesses: Lack of political will to bring about improvements and eliminate homelessness at state level for Chicago; inadequacy of community support from other Chicago residents to help the poor and homeless since the busy lives racing for money don’t allow them enough time and sympathy for others; and large size of this state with only a limited amount of funding makes it an extremely difficult job for government to operate smoothly, not only satisfying its abiding taxpayers but also managing to save surplus for the homeless. Opportunities: Chicago has a severe educational and illiteracy problem and this area has lot of room for improvement and therefore government should capitalize here to create better employment opportunities; Chicago needs foreign funding to accommodate its overpopulated region and therefore it should work efficiently and effectively in industrial areas to manufacture goods and services that attract foreign funding and investments; and the government should join international bodies that exist for these purposes only and should participate actively in grooming homeless slums of Chicago. Threats: Denial of help from foreign econo mies and international charitable bodies working for these causes; political pressures for own benefits might eventually stifle this cause; and lack of housing schemes available for the homeless due to full accommodation. Vision of path out of homelessness in Chicago Chicago shall become homeless-free through community engagement, creating unlimited employment opportunities, development of housing scheme